Download Fb Graph Scraper Plugin v2 Free

Ever wanted to scrape a list of peoples friends, any Facebook Page users or any Facebook application users? Well here is an easy peasy way to scrape them based on a vanity name, user id or even scrape from groups with the group id.
Like this way:
• People who like [interest] and live in [place]
[profession] who live in [place]
• People who like [interest] and [interest] and [interest]
• Friends of People who like [interest] and [interest] and [interest]
• People who like [page] and live in [place]
• Friends of People who like [page] and live in [place]
• ect….

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Facebook Graph Scraper   Scrape Application Users Using Graph Search  

Check out this Step by Step Video Tutorial:

This super Fb Graph Scraper Plugin v2 chrome plugin will scrape you to make super targeted Facebook ads campaigns and give you cheaper clicks and high CTR, in as little 30 Minutes; you are likely to be Getting Super Targeted Visitors to Your Site, Page or Blog. Fb Graph Scraper Plugin v2 is New Facebook plugin for your browser puts the odds to your benefit. Take your Facebook advertising to a whole new level.

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Download Click Jacker 3.0 Wordpress Plugin Crack for Free


Click Jacker will change the way that you market affiliate products online. No longer will you have to give up leads to your affiliate company and lose customers after you finally convince people to click on your affiliate link. You get to keep your OWN leads. Now you can start profiting from not only your efforts, but those of your best 

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StumbleUpon Bot for Auto Stumbling and Auto StumbleUpon Accounts Creation Download for Free

Don't waste time creating StumbleUpon accounts and Stumbling manually get PR9 Backlinks and turbo charge your social sharing for unstoppable traffic! StumbleUpon is one of the world’s biggest bookmarking site, and it’s member base (called “Stumblers”) now number over 25 million users Stumbling over 40 million links per day on automation. This StumbleUpon Bot will post your posts or articles to the site with a click of a button.

For Unlimited Auto StumbleUpon Account Creation


For Unlimited Auto Stumbling

Files Included:
1. Stumbleupon Mass Account Creation Bot
2. Mass Stumbling Bot
3. Video Tutorial
4. Pdf guide

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Download Themeforest Me Gusta! User-driven Content Sharing Theme Free(version 2.8 – August 7, 2013)

Downlaod me gusta wordpress theme free

Love your posts

You can enable the “LOVE” feature so users can Love your posts by clicking the heart icon. “Love” will follow you on every part of the page by getting sticky when you scroll down.

Make your posts HOT
When reaching a certain limit of Loves your posts become HOT. Set this limit in backend, as well as simulate several Love actions for your posts.
Set your blog mainpage to display either HOT or NEW posts (Mainpage is also available as a static page)

Navigate using keyboard hot-keys
Use keyboard’s J, K, L, C, V and R keys for different actions on your site: next post, previous post, love a post, comment post, view post or display a random post.

Front-end submission and post edit
You can let your user submit posts from front-end and also edit them or delete.

NSFW posts
Let your registered users only see the Not Safe For Work content.

Human time
Enable human-time to let users know when the post was added. Switch back to the native WordPress time format if you wish.

Facebook connect
Users can register/login to your site using their Facebook accounts.

Facebook versus default comments
You can either enable the default comment system or opt for the Facebook social plugin.
Add your Facebook application ID so you can moderate comments.

Sidebars and widgets
The site uses unlimited sidebars for you to be able to insert as many widgets as you need to get the most of your theme: Categories with icons, Content tabber (hot posts, new, comments, tags), Flickr, Twitter, Latest posts, Social media, Top authors, Submit content.
Select a different layout for each of your posts: containing a left sidebar, a right sidebar or displayed full-width.

Social media ready
All posts have built-in social-media share buttons that users can click and promote any content of your web-site. Enable or Disable them for any particular post or page.

Other features
The theme also uses built-in breadcrumbs, dropdown menus, image resizing, 100+ shortcodes, built-in related posts and social-media sharing, and comes with an extensive documentation to help you get started.

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SENuke X 2.6.33 Latest version Cracked

SEnukeX 2.6.33 Crack Release Notes:

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